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We're thrilled to see that you're interested in Secrets. High resolution icons and screenshots are available in our press kit. If you need more details about us or our product, please contact us directly at

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What is Secrets?

Secrets is a simple, secure password manager for Mac and iOS. It leverages industry standard encryption algorithms to provide secure storage and macOS and iOS native features to facilitate automatic filling of logins in the browser.

What makes Secrets better?

  • Open storage format — Secrets stores data using the OpenPGP standard, a time-tested and well known industry standard, and encrypts/signs with AES and RSA algorithms. Using an open standard also allows users to easily self verify how their data is stored using third party tools. Read more.
  • Easy to use — Secrets provides a simple and friendly interface to what is usually considered a complicated subject, cyber security.
  • Affordable — With version 2, Secrets is adopting a freemium model. Free to try for up to 10 items. Unlimited items and iCloud Sync are $19.99 for the Mac app and $9.99 for the iOS app.

What are other important features?

  • iCloud sync — Seamlessly sync Secrets with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access your information wherever you go.
  • Auto fill — Better than copying & pasting. Use Secrets to automatically fill in login information in Safari and Chrome.
  • Two-factor authentication — Generate one-time passwords for services that support two-factor authentication, including Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.
  • Fingerprint unlock — Use your fingerprint to quickly access your data. Only available on devices with Touch ID.

What's new in Secrets 2?

Secrets 2 is the culmination of months of testing in the real world. Bugs have been squashed, important features have been added and polish has been applied throughout. We’re finally ready to accommodate the new freemium pricing model.