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Secrets for iOS

Keep your secrets safe while on the go. Easily and securely store passwords, credit card numbers, bank details, and confidential information with Secrets. Available for Mac and iOS.

Secrets iOS App Store

Free for up to 10 items. $19.99 in-app purchase for unlimited items.

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Feature highlights

iCloud Sync

Seamlessly sync Secrets with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access your information wherever you go.

Biometric Authentication

Unlock Secrets without typing your passphrase using Touch ID or Face ID.

Auto Fill

Use the Secrets extension to automatically fill in login information in Safari and other compatible apps.

Two-Factor Authentication

Generate one-time passwords for services that support two-factor authentication, including Google, Facebook, Dropbox and many others.

Remote Access

Use your iOS device as a remote keychain and auto fill logins and credit cards on a Windows or Linux machine.
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Simple Pricing

No subscriptions. Free for up to 10 items. Unlock unlimited items with a $19.99 in-app purchase.


Because your private data may not only be text… you can attach files to your items and also have them securely stored.

Security First

Cryptography is hard, we know. That's why we rely on the popular Sodium library and use modern crypto such as XSalsa20 and Poly1305.
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Beautifully Simple

Keeping your information secure online is easy with our simple and beautifully designed app.

Not Just Passwords

Use Secrets to store notes, credit card numbers, banking details, and other confidential information.

Available for Mac and iOS.

Secrets iOS App Store

★★★★★ Very satisfied

“Operation is straightforward. Feel safe, passwords are in good hands in my opinion. Sync across all devices (including Mac) without problems. The included features are helpful. The price is decent, but I prefer it to a subscription. For me a very good alternative to the other apps (possibly with subscription). Please keep it up! 👍”


★★★★★ Secrets is great on Mac and iPhone

“Secrets is a great password manager for iOS and macOS. And thank you for offering it as a one time purchase. Looking forward to future updates.”


★★★★★ Simple and beautiful!

“My gosh I’m so glad this exists!!!!
Coming over from 1Password myself, I really appreciate how much simpler and more effective this password manager is! No more repeatedly punching in master passwords or reloading faulty extensions.
Secrets does what most apps fail to do: simply work.
Kudos to you Outer Apps. Muito obrigado to you and your team, Paulo!”


★★★★★ simple and effective

“Very good”


★★★★★ Great app.

“Simple and straightforward to use. Recommended!”


★★★★☆ Makes passwords manageable

“Password management is hard! But Secrets makes wrangling your credentials into some sort of order a little bit easier. Creating and managing passwords is a bit of a chore, so I use macOS Secrets to keep my passwords in order and it syncs nicely with iCloud.

It’s also hampered by limitations placed on AutoFill password extensions, hopefully Apple fixes those in time.

Some customisation would be nice too, I’d like to hide a few of the default filters, ‘Expired Credit Cards’, ‘Wallet’ and ‘Notes’. Even being able to change up the icon would be nice.”


★★★★★ I liked the application. Convenient.

“Good app for HUMAN price. Unlike other analogues with horse price tags. Well done guys!
Advice / request: add an input by face id because constantly typing a password is tiring.”


★★★★★ Superb password keychain

“Easy to use, comfortable and intuitive.”


★★★★★ Everything you need

“It generates random passwords, has support for OTPs, and works beautifully with iOS 12's AutoFill Password. I can no longer live without this app!”


★★★★★ Simple and elegant

“Sometimes simplicity is much better than a ton of features. I’m happy that I paid $30 total and have a password app forever on Mac and iOS”


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