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Secrets for Mac

Protect your secrets. Easily and securely store passwords, credit card numbers, bank details, and confidential information with Secrets. Available for Mac and iOS.

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Free for up to 10 items. $19.99 in-app purchase for unlimited items.

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Feature highlights

iCloud Sync

Seamlessly sync Secrets with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access your information wherever you go.

Password Generator

Free your mind from all those passwords. Create unique and secure passwords for all of your logins.


Auto Fill

Better than copying & pasting. Use Secrets to automatically fill in login information in Safari and other browsers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Generate one-time passwords for services that support two-factor authentication, including Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Quick Unlock

Unlock Secrets without typing your passphrase using Touch ID or your Watch.


Transfer passwords and other information from applications like 1Password and LastPass to Secrets.

Simple Pricing

No subscriptions. Free for up to 10 items. Unlock unlimited items with a $19.99 in-app purchase.

Browser Extensions

Support for Safari is built-in and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi are also available.


Because your private data may not only be text… you can attach files to your items and also have them securely stored.

Security First

Cryptography is hard, we know. That's why we rely on the popular Sodium library and use modern crypto such as XSalsa20 and Poly1305.
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Beautifully Simple

Keeping your information secure online is easy with our simple and beautifully designed app.

Not Just Passwords

Use Secrets to store notes, credit card numbers, banking details, and other confidential information.

Available for Mac and iOS.

Secrets Mac App Store

★★★★★ Great

“I was researching about a good app to save my passwords and I can say that this app is the best where you can trust your data and a good use experience.”


★★★★★ simple and synchronized via icloud

“It is very easy to use and holds all important sensitive information.”


★★★★★ really easy , reliable and convenient

“can't say enough about this sweet , thoughtful little app . to say it's simplified my life is an massive understatement .

the developer is really responsive and helpful too .

i got versions for all my devices . even with that it's so much cheaper than anything else i've found .

great job guys !”


★★★★☆ Alternative

“Super alternative to 1Password.
Database of 1Password can be imported very well.

I decided to change when 1Password introduced the subscription price.
Find Secrets more attractive with a one-time fixed price.”


★★★★★ Works really well

“Secrets is a real alternative to 1PW, I'm very satisfied on both MacOS and iOS”


★★★★☆ Good one-time payment application

“For many years I used the 1Password bought a couple of times for the full price, but greedy freaks decided to throw old users due to which they got up and the plug-in for safari supposedly stopped working. I'm not going to feed the Daromedians. I switched to Secrets and although the interface is a little worse, but everything else works like a clock and also has to import everything from 1Password. One minute - there is no client for Windows, but I don’t really need it for a long time. Otherwise, I strongly recommend this program. The price tag for iOS and Mac is somewhat overpriced, but I prefer to pay once and use it, than for years pretend to be a subscription!”


★★★★☆ Great app that syncs across devices.

“This app is great for keeping up with all of your passwords. I especially like that fact that it autogenerates passwords for you and also shows the past passwords you had before. The only thing that I wish they wouldn't do is charge you for iMac and mobile devices separately. Why not set it up as one package. Anyway, I've got more than my money's worth out of it. The only thing I would suggest is setting up a retreval process of the password you use to log into Secrets. My partner uses his fingerprint and he can't remember his password.”


★★★★★ Top

“The best tools to store and manage your credentials. Also much less expensive than its competitors.”


★★★★★ Best data protection app I've ever used

“I work on the computer all day, every day, with various high-end software. I have to tell you: it’s super refreshing to have a piece of software that is small, light, fast, bug-free (at least for me), and works exactly as advertised. I’ve been migrating a LOT of private data to Secrets and have just been enjoying the ease it's brought to my life. I like that it lives in the menu bar on a Mac and jut a tap away on the iPhone. I like the syncing very much. I have to use more than a dozen work-provided apps that all require unique passwords that must be changed every three months. Secrets has saved my butt repeatedly! It is well-built for such a purpose! I especially like that passwords aren't revealed right away, and can be copied in "hidden" mode and pasted where you're trying to log in. So nobody sees your passwords.

I do look foward to upgrades and improvements as time goes by, though I can’t think of a whole lot I’d like to see right now. Perhaps multi-user capability, where it can unlock different secrets for different people on the same machine and same account, but who need to share password information for certain apps or logins.

Also worth mentioning…we have a fairly strict IT department. Yes, Big Brother is watching! So I was pleasantlyn surprised when Secrets passed its requirements for a secure password services. It’s not that they loved it, but they couldn’t find anything to object to, either. When dealing with our IT that’s like the Holy Grail.”


★★★★★ Just what the Doctor ordered

“If you are looking for an affordable Password Manager, one that is not bloated with seldom used 'bells and whistles’, the combination of Secrets and Secrets Touch for iOS, are for you. Secrets is a robust, totally capable storage medium for your passwords, account information, credit card info, etc. Secrets is purposed dead-center, without the added fluff. It’s extensions work seamlessly with Safari, both on the OS version and iOS version, SYNCing is seamless and is easy to set-up. Importing from 1Password worked surprisingly well, requiring very little corrective action to the results. I’ve had Secrets and Secrets Touch for only a short while, but I’m very impressed.”


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