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Secrets for Mac

Protect your secrets. Easily and securely store passwords, credit card numbers, bank details, and confidential information with Secrets. Available for Mac and iOS.

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Free for up to 10 items. $19.99 in-app purchase for unlimited items.

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Feature highlights

iCloud Sync

Seamlessly sync Secrets with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access your information wherever you go.

Password Generator

Free your mind from all those passwords. Create unique and secure passwords for all of your logins.


Auto Fill

Better than copying & pasting. Use Secrets to automatically fill in login information in Safari and Chrome.

Two-Factor Authentication

Generate one-time passwords for services that support two-factor authentication, including Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.


Transfer passwords and other information from applications like 1Password and LastPass to Secrets.

Simple Pricing

No subscriptions. Free for up to 10 items. Unlock unlimited items with a $19.99 in-app purchase.

Security First

Cryptography is hard, we know. That's why we stick to the standards and store your data using OpenPGP and AES.
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Beautifully Simple

Keeping your information secure online is easy with our simple and beautifully designed app.

Not Just Passwords

Use Secrets to store notes, credit card numbers, banking details, and other confidential information.

Available for Mac and iOS.

Secrets Mac App Store

★★★★★ Just what the Doctor ordered

“If you are looking for an affordable Password Manager, one that is not bloated with seldom used 'bells and whistles’, the combination of Secrets and Secrets Touch for iOS, are for you. Secrets is a robust, totally capable storage medium for your passwords, account information, credit card info, etc. Secrets is purposed dead-center, without the added fluff. It’s extensions work seamlessly with Safari, both on the OS version and iOS version, SYNCing is seamless and is easy to set-up. Importing from 1Password worked surprisingly well, requiring very little corrective action to the results. I’ve had Secrets and Secrets Touch for only a short while, but I’m very impressed.”


★★★★★ Excellent alternative to 1Password!

“Stable, fast and with what it takes! Everything is working! The developer is very fast to react to the bugs! In addition there is no subscription!”


★★★★★ A very good application at a price 10

“Price and result very good.



★★★★★ Good alternative to 1Password

“If you are looking for a smart and functional password app, Secrets will be your best bet.
It is also great that it is a one-time purchase, and you have to shoot any in-app purchases.

Conclusion: A good alternative to 1Password”


★★★★★ Secrets is shaping up to replace 1Password

“There’s a lot of work to go in a few areas, but Secrets (in combo with Secrets Touch) is quickly becoming my go-to password manager. I had used 1Password for years, but really hate the direction they’re going with the subscription model, and Secrets isn’t (yet) forcing me to pay on a monthly/yearly basis. . This seems to do a lot of the basics for Password Management very well, and covers my needs.”


★★★★★ Secrets so great!

“Okay so I’m super impressed with Secrets. Its well worth the money to say the least. Some quick points:

- Store passwords and 2FA in the same app
- Store passwords securely in encrypted in iCloud not on someone elses infrastructure
- Very responsive team. I reported the issue with the generated passwords favoring one character set over another and they fixed it quickly”


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